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Since early 2003, The Space Review has offered in depth articles and analysis about space policy, history, commercialization, technology, science, and related topics. Every week The Space Review publishes four to six articles on these topics, and hosts robust commentary about these articles that encourages readers to return. The Space Review is widely read throughout the space field, including government agencies, established and entrepreneurial companies, and others around the world interested in space. The Space Review is an ideal vehicle for reaching these key individuals in the space industry.

Audience Size and Characteristics

Users (October-December 2018):107,000
Percentage of audience in the US:57%
Percentage of audience in the UK: 7%
Percentage of audience in Canada: 5%

Banner Ads and Rates

ad size/location 1 month 3 months
468x60/720x90 banner, top right $300 $800
468x60/720x90 banner, centered below page header $300 $800
160x600 skyscraper right column, top $250 $650
120x60 button, right column $100 $250

Email Advertising

The Space Review also offers text ads in its weekly email newsletter, which goes out to over 8,000 subscribers. Contact us for additional details about these ads.

ad type 1 issue 4 issues
Text-only ad $100 $350

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