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Submission Guidelines

The Space Review welcomes submissions of articles on a wide range of topics related to space exploration and development. These topics include, but are not limited to, business, commercialization, history, technology, policy, and science, among others. We're also interested in reviews of space-related media, such as books, films, and software. We welcome both long, detailed articles and shorter essays and editorial pieces. The key for any piece is to provide some perspective, analysis, and opinion backed by cogent arguments that will give the reader a better understanding of the subject.

It's also important to describe what we're not looking for. The Space Review is not a news publication, so we're not interested in the basic news articles and press releases that are widely published elsewhere. This doesn't mean that we're not interested in articles on breaking developments, just that we want the articles to go into more detail than a typical news piece. Also, we're not interested in articles about astrology, UFOs, Area 51, and the like; this should go without saying, but you'd be surprised sometimes what some people come up with...

Please note that currently we cannot pay authors for any articles we publish. However, all authors retain copyright on their articles and are free to publish them elsewhere either before or after submitting them to The Space Review. We can't guarantee that we'll publish every article, but we will take a look at everything that comes in.

If you have any questions, want to submit an article idea, or even a completed piece, please contact us at